Inglewood is a charming, quaint village in Caledon. The friendly, welcoming community will make anyone feel right at home. This tight knit community offers plenty of opportunities to get involved making this an ideal place to put down roots.

The village of Inglewood offers many unique features that set it apart. With a general store, a local performers group, and many community events, it is easy to be charmed by this wonderful village. Whether it’s floating along a peaceful river or taking in some local theatre, Inglewood offers a relaxing and enjoyable place to call home.


For those who enjoy the outdoors, Inglewood offers so many intriguing options. The Caledon Hill Golf and Country Club is a great spot for those looking to master their swing.

The Credit River offers residents of Inglewood a wonderful setting for fishing and canoeing.

Those looking for tranquility take to the Caledon Trail to enjoy a peaceful hike. In the winter, enjoy cross country skiing on the trail or go skating and play hockey at the local arena.

Inglewood makes an ideal setting for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports. From horseback riding to kayaking, this beautiful village offers so many opportunities to experience nature.

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