A residential community straddling Richmond Hill and Markham. Located near Langstaff Road and Yonge Street, the homes in the area are fairly old ( 1960’s – 1970’s). The East Don River and CN Rail Bala subdivision runs through the community.


The Langstaff Discovery Centre: A unique, multi-use complex incorporates Red Maple Public School, Pope John Paul II Catholic School, Langstaff Community Centre, Discovery Parkette and Dr. James Langstaff Park. The facility components would be the following ; Craft Room, Pre-School Room, Yorkshire Program Room, Tollgate Program Room, and the Munshaw Gymnasium (3 Gyms , kitchen and stage).

The Park: The Discovery Parkette encourages children and adults to consider the constellations above us and experience textures, sights and sounds that surround us. The features in the parkette are the Wind Wall, the Star Walk, the Moon Walk and the Sun Circle.


This community took its name from John Langstaff, who arrived from New Jersey in 1808. He eventually took over his father-in-law's property on the northeast corner of the intersection. After he serviced in the War of 1812, he developed a number of small businesses at this crossroads location - woodworking shops, a pail factory, a general store, and a blacksmith shop.

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