Situated on the South East banks of beautiful Chemong Lake, Bridgenorth is a small and picturesque hamlet located in the Township of Selwyn, just north of the City of Peterborough.

Known for its scenery and waterfront community charm, Bridgenorth is surprisingly vibrant. Many residents call the area home and a number of businesses, many of which are locally owned, have been established here making the area a well serviced hub for both locals and tourists. It is uniquely positioned between Peterborough to the South, Lakefield to the East, Ennismore to the West and Buckhorn to the North, making it an ideal location for not only locals and tourists but also business opportunities.

Local Parks and Trails

Scattered throughout the surrounding areas are a number of parks and trails that pass through a variety of landscapes. They’re a fantastic way to take in the scenery and enjoy what the area has to offer. Notables include Chemong Park, BEL Rotary Bridgenorth Trail, Mill Creek Wildlife Area Trail and Selwyn Conservation Area Trail.

Jones Beach

Jones Beach is located in Bridgenorth with a beach, pier, and picnic area ideal for families and small children.


Built in 1949, the causeway between Bridgenorth and Ennismore wasn’t always so reliable (or safe!). It all started by boat or by foot when Chemong Lake was frozen during the winter months, and then progressed to a floating bridge in 1870, which had to undergo several repairs (annually). It wasn’t until 1949 that the causeway was constructed.

Chemong Lodge

Chemong Lodge is proud to serve great food, and provide friendly service at a reasonable price. All of their food is prepared fresh at the time of your order. There are few better places to enjoy quality food by the waterfront.

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