Tweed is a municipality amalgamated from the village of Tweed, Township of Hungerford and Elzevir & Grimsthorpe. It is roughly between Toronto and Ottawa and prides itself in its motto as the place to ‘Take a Break’.

It has a warm and friendly atmosphere with unique sights, shops and restaurants. Tweed borders the Stoco lake and has a population of about 6057 as of a census in 2011. English is the most common language followed by French. The town has one of Ontario’s forest fire departments to help detect early forest fires. There are many lakes in its vicinity for kayaking or scenic walks and drives through the arts route to see artisans and galleries.


The Municipality of Tweed lives up to its motto as a place to take a break through the numerous sights and sounds to be experienced. Lake Stoco is home to popular but rare sport fish while other lakes in the vicinity offer kayaking, canoeing or peaceful walks along the shore.

The municipality is part the popular vacation destination known as comfort country. There are numerous unique hotels, restaurants and vacation rentals. Additional places to visit in Tweed are Quinn’s of Tweed Fine Art Gallery, Eastern Ontario Trails, Lester B. Pearson Park and Studio 737. Tweed also offers hiking, paddling, fishing and numerous local events.


Tweed was first inhabited in the 1830s as Hungerford Mills after the neighboring township but was later renamed after the River Tweed in Scotland. The main source of livelihood was lumbering and mining in 1800s before later on becoming a service area for local farmers.

By 1891, the village of Tweed was incorporated and went on to make history in 1967 with the first all-women municipal council in Canada. Tweed amalgamated with Hungerford and Elzevir & Grimsthorpe to become the municipality it is now in 1998.

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