Hamilton Township


The city of Hamilton is a fabulous city in a fantastic area.
Hamilton provides residents with many top tier city services and amenities as well as a diverse culture, boasting some of the best restaurants in Ontario. Hamilton also boasts of various museums, a football hall of fame and league, diverse filming, a growing arts and culture community.
The city is not only growing and thriving, it also serves as the gateway to the US and Western Ontario. Ideally positioned between Toronto, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and London, all of the conveniences and entertainment throughout the Golden Horseshoe is only a short drive away.
Situated along the Niagara Escarpment, Hamilton and the surrounding area not only provides some of the best scenic views in Ontario, but is also right next to some of the finest wine country in North America.


Hamilton is a town endowed with numerous recreational activities. For those with a penchant for the Arts, Hamilton offers numerous an exciting line up from small galleries to century-old art galleries. There are also clubs, performing art theatres and wineries.
Hamilton’s unique heritage is showcased in its museums, heritage buildings & landmarks, historical plaques and monuments and tours. For those who love adventure, there is a beachfront, camping facilities, conservation areas, countryside, farm fun & produce, family fun, gardens, golf, parks, trails, waterfalls and waterfronts.
Some of the best restaurants in Canada can be found in Hamilton showcasing local delicacies, with beautiful hotels to stay in and there are always several festivals and events happening at any time. There is also a robust football culture.


In Precolonial times, the area was used by neutral Indians and later driven out by the five nations and British against the Huron with their French allies. Hamilton came to be after George Hamilton purchased Durand farms after the war of 1812. As holdings were sold around the town the Gore district was established with Hamilton within it, with time the town grew to the point where it was awarded official city status in 1846.
The city grew further increasing infrastructure and utilities with prominent buildings constructed in late 19th century. The industrial boom in Hamilton started in early 1900s with economic and population growth going on till the 1960s. The economy has shifted to service sector since with many of the industries shut down.
The new city of Hamilton came to be in 2001 after amalgamating with Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek. A single-tier municipal government ended subsidized suburbs.

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