Campbellford is a small town in Northumberland County within the municipality of Trent Hills between Toronto and Ottawa. Its prime agriculture land means there are a lot of farms that have since diversified to Bison, horses and rare breeding with a farmer’s market open twice a week.

The town has a rich history showcased today by Victorian architecture, and much to do with its many resorts, festivals, trails, great eateries and produce markets, many of which are based on the town’s agricultural background.

Relax at bed and breakfasts, enjoy the culture in the town, be enamoured by the vibrant art community, and explore the scenic nature trails and parks.


Campbellford is predominantly agricultural, so there are livestock sales barns, a fair weekend in August, a farmer’s market and the Meyersburg Flea Market to trade antiques. Campbellford also boasts the only cheddar cheese factory in Ontario as well as a chocolate factory for those with a sweet tooth.

The town also has a provincial park as well as golfing, fishing, hiking, skateboarding, in-line skating, BMX riding, lacrosse and soccer facilities. Hockey is very popular in the town thus on offer in various clubs most of which also offer squash and racquetball facilities.


Campbellford can be traced back to 1834. It was given by the British government to the Campbell brothers in 1836 with the Trent river permeating through the property. The river was shallow enough to cross earning the area for crossing the name Campbell’s Ford. It became a village in 1876 and by 1906 it was a town. In 2001, Together with Hastings and Warkworth, Campbellford formed the municipality of Trent Hills and in 2006 the town celebrated a century of existence.

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