St. Lawrence Market

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St Lawrence Market is a perfect place for those who like to have all of their options on the same table.
This 19th Century huge brick building offers an abundance of regular and gourmet foods. It is the city’s largest market and a home to numerous fish stands, various produce shops and several deli and meat stands. You can also find organic health foods, dry goods, and cheese and dairy foods on both levels of the building. The Market Gallery provides an overlook of the central area of the market.

Its North building is a great place to find fresh cut fruits, vegetables, and flowers including local and hothouse produce in the smaller farmers markets every Saturday.


The St Lawrence Market, which includes the North and South market buildings and the St Lawrence Hall, is a massive market which is a home to several events throughout the year. The Strawberry Social Festival features various varieties of the fruits at the peak of its season. It also hosts the largest outdoor festival for dogs; Woofstock. Buskerfest is held here every year too. It is the Toronto International Street Performers Festival. It provides energetic and creative entertainment all over St Lawrence Market streets.

Also, there is a small pub, Paddington Pump, in front of the market, serves a selection of pub grub and several drinks.


This historic site was first established in 1803. It has remained the best-established and oldest food market of Toronto while simultaneously fostering cultural and social interaction through its tradition and history for almost 200 years. The then municipal government provided it a more permanent structure in 1831 but unfortunately it was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1849. However, it was reconstructed in 1850. And since then, along with small regular issues, this historic neighborhood in Toronto has served as a City landmark for both its commercial as well as cultural heritage values.

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