Tisdale is one of the best communities in all of Saskatchewan!

Tisdale blends a unique combination of small town charm with all of the city services and amenities of a city. The town prides itself in maintaining a high quality of life for its residents with amazing recreational facilities, health care, schooling, municipality services and shopping. The residents of Tisdale are warm, friendly and inviting, making Tisdale one of the most pleasant communities to settle and raise a family.

Tisdale is located at the intersection of Highway 3 and 35, is serviced by both major national railways and is home to some of the best agricultural land in Canada. These factors have resulted in Tisdale being a major agricultural hub in Saskatchewan with a thriving grain industry.


Tisdale is full of entertainment and recreation for the whole family, from the sports enthusiast to the outdoor lover, there is something for everyone.

There are five major parks in the community, which provide the ideal place to relax and enjoy a picnic with your loved ones, or take part in one of the many sports activities that the community of Tisdale has to offer.

There is also nearby Greenwater Lake Provincial Park for camping and hiking, Wapiti Valley ski resort for winter sports enthusiasts and the RECplex, a recreational complex with a six sheet curling rink, a 900 seat skating facility and more.


The first European explorer to pass through the area was Henry Kelsey in 1690 during his exploration of the Carrot River. First settlers in the area referred to the settlement as Doghide after the local river that flows nearby. It wasn’t until 1904, with the construction of the Canadian Northern Railway that the settlement was officially named Tisdale in honour of F.W. Tisdale, a railway employee.

Tisdale has undergone steady growth and development over its history, beginning with the earliest pioneers from England, United States and Eastern Canada to influxes of growth and settlement during both the 1920s and the great depression. The second national railway came to town in 1924, solidifying the area as a major agricultural hub in Saskatchewan.

The biggest gun shootout took place not far from Tisdale in 1920 involving a group of Saskatchewan Provincial Police and four outlaws.

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