Warkworth is celebrated for its diversity. Commonly referred to as the Village of Warkworth for its closely knit people, Warkworth is located in the Municipality of Trent Hills in Northuberland County.

Although a small town, Warkworth has successfully managed to weave together its recreational advantages to cut across all personalities; hiking, art, gardening, music, shopping, cinema and an abundance of country fresh air form together a good place to live, play or work.

The town people are warm and hospitable, a trait carried up from the community setup. The town forms a collage of businesses ranging from farming to theatre to real estate to hospitality. Business development of the town is taken up by a not-for profit organization that lists and runs an online listed membership of businesses within Warkworth.


Warkworth has an abundance of golf courses making golfing its main recreational activity. Found within the area’s extensive golf network are numerous clubhouses with swimming pools allowing for a great alternative activity for those non-golfers or those looking to unwind after a long day on the course.

Shopping is a brand new experience in Warkworth. A variety of malls diversify the shopping experience as well as an enthusiastic local buyer culture within the town makes it nearly revolutionary to shop and to witness shopping trends.

Art and history are wrapped together in the historical Town Hall whose architectural design is nothing short of amazing.

Culinary diversity within Warkworth is incomparable to none other. The richness of the agricultural basket in the town is experienced in the variety of dishes served across all restaurants.


Warkworth was incorporated in 1857 changing its name from Percy Mills and is part of the municipality of Trent Hills.

Warkworth’s growth was remarkable. The town flourished on the back of commerce which was at its peak in 1890. Prosperity continued as supported by thriving trendy eateries which collected a lot of people to the town.

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