Town Of Mono


The town of Mono is located north of Caledon and northeast of Orangeville. Mono is known for its beautiful landscape, villages, and the active lifestyle of its residents. The Niagara Escarpment is a huge part of the beauty of the town, providing incredible views. The Town of Mono is home to kilometers of trails where you can refuel and rejuvenate yourself while being surrounded by nature.

Residents of Mono can take part in the many recreational opportunities offered such as swimming, skiing, tennis, lawn bowling, cycling and more. Mono is the perfect place to be for outdoor enthusiasts as the Bruce Trail travels right through the town. You can enjoy hiking, cycling or other activities while taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. In addition to this trail there are also conservation areas and parks for your pleasure.

Many artists call Mono home so if you are looking for art studios or art tours then this is the place to find them. The Headwaters Arts Festival is a great way to check out the local talent that Mono has to offer. You can also visit many independently owned studios for tours offered at various times throughout the year. It is best to call ahead and plan your visit to ensure the studios are open.

If you enjoy theatre then you will be excited to know that Mono is in close proximity to Theatre Orangeville where you can go to take in a show. The Town of Mono has an artistic and natural feel to it. It is a great place to live, work and play.


The recreational opportunities offered in Mono are endless. There are hiking groups that offer weekend hiking excursions, a ping pong club, ski clubs, golf, swimming, and plenty more to keep you active. The town is very eager to supply its residents with fun activities to take part in year round.

There is something for all ages to enjoy. There is a very friendly and supportive arts community in Mono as well. There are plenty of art studios that offer tours or classes to suit every taste and ability level. There are festivals that the town puts on throughout all seasons to ensure its residents can enjoy all the town has to offer.

The parks and conservation areas offer a great way for families to explore nature and the beautiful scenery that the area provides. One of the best ways to experience Mono is on foot by taking a walk on the Bruce Trail. It provides an up close and personal look at the natural beauty of the area. You can find your own adventures or participate in the many planned recreational clubs and programs that the town provides. Mono prides itself on providing its residents with lots of opportunities to get active throughout the year.


The Township of Mono, which was part of the 19 original townships in the Simcoe District, was incorporated in 1849. It wasn’t until 1999 that Mono changed from a township to becoming the Town of Mono as it is known today. There are several theories about how Mono got its name but it is believed that it was named after the Spanish word for monkey.

Now that Mono is recognized as its own town it has been able to develop its own identity. Mono is known for its pastoral beauty and the artistic talents of its residents. The Town of Mono has always been a tight knit community and has carried on its tradition of being very agriculturally oriented.

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