Newtonville is a community in Clarington municipality, east of Oshawa on the former highway 2, 30 kilometres east of Oshawa and 10 kilometres west of Port Hope. Newtonville is just the ideal place for those looking for small town charm within commuting distance to major urban centres.

Newtonville is a family friendly, quiet and welcoming community that many over the years have proudly decided to call home.


Newtonville hosts a wide variety of recreation diversity. Within 25 miles of Newtonville, there are up to 25 recreation meet-ups, which include, Durham Pickup Soccer, Durham women’s Golf, Durhams Ladies FORE Golf, Durham Dodgeball, Whitby Beginners Tennis League and more.

In addition, there are many recreation centres in Newtonville. These include arenas, stadiums, athletic fields, Hayrides, Hiking trails, Horseback rides, nature centres, water slides, water parks, picnic grounds, and youth centres among others.


Newtonville has one of the richest histories among the communities of Ontario. Some of the key historical markings of the Newtonville heritage are: George Beard House ,Jones House, Lakeview House, Newtonville Hall, Newtonville Memorial, Newtonville Plane Crash, Post Office, Presbyterian Church, Stapleton/Grist Mill Auctions.

Since the inception of a post office, Newtonville has had eight postmasters, with the last being Joyce Carol in 1991. The village was placed on a rural route delivery when the mandate of Canada’s post office became to close many rural post offices. A store exists at the centre of Newtonville, acting as a retail postal outlet. The store has been rebuilt from the last incidence of damage by fire in 2008.

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