Mulmur is a heaven tucked away in the eastern edge of Dufferin county straddling the famous Niagara Escarpment. It has steep slopes with river valleys surrounded by extensive forest around the escarpment. The town was established in the 1830s by Europeans and has changed considerably from an agricultural to a place for weekend retreats for many from Toronto and further on. Mulmur is also a home to many people commuting to greater Toronto or working in Alliston.


Mulmur is ideal for weekend getaways due to its serene environment and landscape further accentuated by the view of the picturesque Niagara Escarpment. Many of the resorts and bed and breakfast retreat houses are old re-purposed buildings giving most of them a rustic and historic look. The township has various restaurants to sample the local food and delicacies as well as gift and specialty shops. Due to the town’s background in agricultural, there are various farms to visit. The town also boasts a ski club for skiing enthusiasts.


The area around the township was first settled in by the Irish, English and Scots in the 1830s. The township was incorporated in 1851 meaning the town is now more than 160 years old. The township was originally agricultural with the fertile land mostly producing potatoes and other fine crops before gradually moving to a weekend retreat hub.

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