Minden Hills is one of the most beautiful regions in Ontario. If you love the outdoors, there is no place better in all of Canada. Nature in its purest form with serene lakes, majestic forests and graceful wildlife. Come and find out why so many have made Minden their home.

Close to some of the best camping in the country, this cottage country is a great escape for those looking to live away from the major urban centres of Ontario. Untouched landscapes and tranquil settings make Minden the ideal place for anyone.

Minden Hill’s major centre of Minden is one of the most warm and cheerful communities you can find. The friendly residents are renowned for their compassionate and welcoming nature, come and make Minden your home and become part of the family.


Minden is an outdoor lover’s paradise. As the gateway to Algonquin Park, the oldest and one of the most popular provincial parks in the country, Minden is home to many lakes and waterways as well as majestic forests rife with wildlife. In the summer you can fill your days with hiking, biking and camping on land, or kayaking, boating, swimming or canoeing on the water. In the winter, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities.

Downtown Minden has a walking route along the beautiful river that runs through town. The Gull River is central to many of Minden’s events and activities throughout the year, and is truly the lifeblood of the city. Lit up by night, find out why this portion of the Gull River has captivated generations by walking this famous path.

Minden is also host to the annual Minden Hills Bluegrass Festival, which attracts award-winning artists throughout the country and bringing in visitors from all over the world.


Minden Hills was established on January 1, 2001 as an amalgamation of Minden, Lutterworth, Snowdon, Anson Hindon. The region was first known as Gull River, after the river that runs through Minden, and was originally attractive to settlers because of the timber resources in the region, and the proximity to Gull River which was used to transport the timber to sawmills downstream.

Shortly after World War II, Minden became a very popular summer destination and has since become popular cottage country due to its many lakes, amazing landscapes, as well as its close proximity to both Toronto and Ottawa.

The local Minden Hills Museum and Heritage Village has been tasked with preserving the local heritage and history of the region, including some original heritage buildings of the region.

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