Marmora and Lake


Located in Central Southern Ontario, Marmora and Lake is a municipal township within Hastings County. Highway 7, a main route for transportation, runs through the heart of the township.

Marmora and Lake is located approximately the same distance from both Ottawa and Toronto and is an ideal route for those traveling to either large city.

The village of Marmora is surrounded by 3 bodies of water including Beaver Creek, Crowe River and Crowe Lake. Marmora and Lake strives to be a highly sought-after place to live, work, visit, and vacation by offering reasonable taxes, a welcoming and clean environment, and multiple recreational opportunities.

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Marmora and Lake features many local attractions, appealing to a variety of tastes. If you enjoy antiquing, Marmora is home to many high quality antique shops. If interested in the historical sites within Marmora and Lake, be sure to visit the Marmoraton Mine lookout site. You can also take a self-guided driving or walking journey through the Miner's Loop Tour. Mining plays a large role in the history of the township.

Multiple outdoor activities are also accessible in the Marmora area. Visit the Dog Park or local beach, take your children to the splash pad, or visit Callaghan's Rapids and Conservation area.


In 1820, Marmora Township was named after the Latin word for marble, and the town nearest to Marmora, the Township of Lake, was named from the Viscount Gerard Lake. Marmora and Lake Township was established when the two townships were joined to form one municipality.

In the Marmora area, mining, iron mining in particular, was extremely important. The area also contained such minerals as silver, gold, copper, lead, and lithographic limestone. The current municipality was established in 2001 with the joining of the existing Township of Marmora and Lake and the Village of Marmora.

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