The City of London Ontario is in the best possible area for you to travel across the border or to Toronto. Home to the University of Western (UOW) and Fanshawe College these institutions are rich with research and development to grow the community. University Hospital is affiliated with UOW ensuring residents receive the best care possible. London hosts a number of musical exhibits and festivals most notably the London Rib-Fest hosted every year, Pride Festival and many more. Many of Canada’s talented musicians were born and raised in London such as, Sarah McLachlan, Justin Bieber and Guy Lombardo. London has both the city and rural feel meeting everyone’s needs that is growing and developing.

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Visit the Thames River London’s largest park taking in the sights. There are many different recreational sports to sign up for whether for recreational or training programs for baseball, soccer and hockey. London is known for its state-of-the-art facilities for developing athletes as well as, just for fun. The Grand Theatre in the City of London hosts touring and local companies putting on amazing productions. London is home to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame where you can see all the accomplishments Canadians have contributed to the medical field. The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is amazing with on-going excavations and historical features of leading Canadian researchers. Its impossible to list all of the things one can do!

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In 1875 the Blackfriars Street Bridge was constructed, its the first iron bridge of London. Its construction is fascinating with its amazing bowstring trusses where architects come to view this beautiful structure. The iconic St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica is a stunning gothic Victorian church built in 1881. You can pay tribute to the fallen soldiers the local heroes for those who served in the World Wars and today at the Boer War Statue. London is also part of the Highway of Heroes where you can pay tribute as well. There is a mix of old and new in an urban yet rural city.

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