Liberty Village


Liberty Village is a unique community within Toronto. It is a community that combines residential, commercial, and retail uses. This area is extremely appealing to young professionals in the media, high-tech and design industries who live and work in Toronto.

Liberty Village has a very urban feel to it and this can be seen by the way the streets are designed to the architecture of the buildings. Liberty Village offers its residents plenty to see and experience. There are several fitness facilities available for you to make use of in an effort to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. There are also several great restaurants making it a wonderful place for a date night, or an afternoon of shopping and exploring.


Liberty Village residents can make use of the nearby waterfront trail for cycling, walking, jogging or rollerblading. This neighbourhood is just minutes away from all of the excitement that downtown Toronto has to offer. Toronto’s entertainment district is close by and you are only a quick jaunt away from all of the major sporting teams in Toronto, as well as theatres and more.

Liberty Village is known as a destination for those looking to find unique furniture, design stores, and art galleries. It is a very hip and urban area that offers coffee shops and urban fusion restaurants. There are plenty of housing options in Liberty Village.

With plenty of condos to choose from you could easily make Liberty Village the place you call home.


In the late 1700s and early 1800s the area now known as Liberty Village was part of the Garrison Common —a military fortification for the Town of York (which would later become Toronto). Historic Fort York, located at 100 Garrison Road,served as the base for the Canadian militia in the Battle of York against the Americans in 1813. The arrival of the railway to this area in the 1850s attracted industry, which in turn led to the building of warehouses and factories.Many of these are now enjoying a new purpose in Liberty Village as funky lofts, hip live/work spaces and studio offices.

The name Liberty Village is said to be a reference to the Central Prison and the Mercer Reformatory for Women that were situated here in the late1800s and early 1900s. Liberty Street —the neighbourhood’s main east-west thoroughfare —is so named because it was the first ground prisoners set foot upon once they were granted their release.

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