Grimsby is a mesmerizing location for those who want to spend their summers by the Lake.
If you want to enjoy shorter commutes and have less time stuck in heavy traffic, Grimsby is the great substitute for the feverish metropolitan life for you. Grimsby grants you the small-town hospitality with more support and less competition. You can raise your beloved family with quirky traditions and lower cost of living but high art participation and strong traditional values at this small town. It is the great time for you to escape the temptation of spending more and high cost of living of the city, while still maintaining contact with all of its facilities and resources.
Let your family prosper at the enthrall location of Grimsby that grants it the most soothing space for breathing and flourishing. Come and find out the beauty of the pearl named Grimsby in the ocean of Ontario.


Sitting on the Lake Ontario in the Niagara region, Grimsby is a perfect place for enjoying nature, sports, services and amenities simultaneously. It is a home to fireworks, food, parks and pools. It hosts several special events and festivals annually as a celebrating part of its community. It has teen roleplaying club at its public library. It also contains a section of the Bruce Trail.
The Grimsby Park started in 1846. It was modernized with a “Figure 8” roller coaster, a motion public theater, and carousels by its owner Harry Wylie in 1910. It was bought by Canada Steamship Lines in 1916.
Its other notable attractions include the Hockey Arena in the Peach King Centre, the Danish Church, the West Niagara, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery and Library, the Grimsby Museum and the local Skatepark.
Grimsby has natural boundaries of the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario whereas its greenbelt plan has frozen its urban boundary permanently. It adds a fascinating scenic beauty to its landscape.


Grimsby, the village, was originally settled in 1790 by the group of United Emirates Loyalists. It was given its name in 1816 due to the surrounding township. The village was incorporated in 1876. However, it acquired its status of the town in 1922.
Starting from a small rural village, Grimsby has taken numerous shapes over the years. It first developed into the center for the manufacture of furnaces, hospital machinery, farm machinery, and other metal products. Later, it beautifully transformed into the fruit-growing industry of the Niagara Peninsula. The Regional Municipality of Niagara was developed in 1970, and the town of Grimsby was amalgamated with the Township of the North Grimsby. This development, along with a large number of distilleries and wineries, has made it the starting point for touring the Niagara wine region.
It is strongly connected with Hollywood for being the birthplace of the legendary director of the Three Stooges short vaudeville comedies, Del Lord. He also owns the record of directing nearly 200 feature films under the banner of Columbia Pictures.

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