Grand Valley


Grand valley, once an agricultural centre, has a unique and historic feel with many picturesque parks, idyllic countryside and historic sites for you to explore.

Grand Valley houses the communities of Colbeck, Grand Valley, Leggatt, Monticello, Peepabun, Damascus and Tarbert. Due to its location, the Grand Valley has unique feel of a place where the country meets the village. The population was last tallied in 2016 at 2,956.


There are numerous places of recreation in Grand Valley. It is best known for the Grand River (Recently designated as a heritage river). Since the town was once an agricultural center it has a historic feel. There are therefore many historic sites to explore, agritourism and picturesque parks next to the river flowing through the idyllic countryside. There are bike trails on the historic rail-trail. Residents enjoy Hikes on the Bruce trail and others, Horseback riding, Golf, Fishing, Skiing (downhill and cross country), even some back-country opportunities.


The town was first established as agricultural. Most of Grand valley was damaged by a major tornado in 1985 but most of the infrastructure has been rebuilt since. In addition to the former Grand valley village, the former township of East Luther was amalgamated to form the current township in 1995. In September, 2012 the name of the township was changed to the Town of Grand Valley.

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