Georgetown is a lively and bustling community in the heart of the Halton Hills. This community offers plenty to do and see. Discover nature by exploring some of the local parks and trails. Stroll through the local farmer’s market. Experience the beautiful and historic downtown that is filled with unique shops, restaurants, and other local treasures.

Georgetown is located along the Credit River, and with the recent addition of the local GO Station, Georgetown has seen a surge of interest from home buyers because of its easy access and short commute to Toronto. This farmland filled countryside offers a nice break from city living.

Georgetown’s connection to the Niagara Escarpment and many conservation areas make it an ideal place for adventure seeking visitors and residents.

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Georgetown GO Station

The recent addition of Georgetown GO Station has transformed Georgetown into a premium in-demand community with easy access to Toronto. The result has been major growth and investment into the area, as the full potential of the area is just beginning to be discovered by the general populace.

This community is truly a hidden gem, and one of the last few remaining neighbourhoods that offer the ideal combination of proximity to Toronto, while maintaining its characteristic small town charm.

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For those seeking arts and cultural experiences, Georgetown will not disappoint.

There are plenty of theatres, museums and art galleries to visit. Georgetown plays host to many festivals such as the Festival on Main, and the Georgetown Highland Games. There is never a shortage of events taking place in this lively community.

Children will also have a chance to participate in the arts with the Globe Theatre’s fall workshop series, the Georgetown Children’s Chorus, or the many musical theatre workshops and programs that are offered.

There are a number of trails, parks and conservation areas for nature enthusiasts to enjoy. You can do activities such as hiking, cycling, or geocaching just to name a few.


Georgetown has its roots as a farming town. It wasn’t until around 1837, that the area adopted the name Georgetown.

The local economy was given a boost in 1852 when a rail route was developed through Georgetown. This made it possible to industrialize the area, and allowed farmers easier access to the city.

Even earlier than this the area had its roots as an Indigenous settlement. European diseases wiped out a once abundant group of Hurons by the 1650s, allowing for the Mississauga natives to settle the area. The British government then purchased blocks of land from the Mississauga Nation and this land later became the area known as Georgetown.

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