Welcome to Fergus.

This is a historic township within Wellington County. There are so many exciting things to see and do in Fergus that every family would love to reside in this serene town that is comfortably nested within the banks of the Grand River.

Fergus is a strong growing and a vibrant community that is rich in heritage that is specially characterized by a charming Scottish atmosphere making it a great place to not only visit but also to live.


Being a historic town, Fergus offers a variety of recreational activities and events. Fergus town is well characterized by the self-guided walking Tour and visit symbols of local history which still stand in the midst of the bustling rural setting.

Fergus is home for the best of everything, ranging from space, to natural beauty, the close vicinity of major cities and many other historic roots such as traditional limestone masonry which is abundant in the town.

Fergus town is also home for Scottish festivals and Highland games making it the perfect destination for visitors who are after relaxing and having some good fun. This historically rich township is also home for various culinary delights and dramatic landscapes in the scenes of the Grand River. This, thus makes Fergus town the ideal destination for visitors.


Fergus town was formally known as “Little Falls.” It was established in the year 1833 as Little Falls by Adam Fergusson and a fellow Scot known as James Webster. As a Scottish Community, the first house was erected in the year 1833 after its establishment and the first hotel built in 1834.

The town gradually grew into a vibrant economic society that used the Grand River waterfalls as their major power source for the local industry.

In 2008, Fergus town celebrated their 175th Anniversary.

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