Welcome to Dundas - a hiker’s paradise! Located on the Niagara escarpment, the nature trails in Dundas offer the most beautiful natural views complete with picturesque waterfalls.

As for anyone visiting Dundas or wanting a getaway from home, staying at the Collins Hotel is a unique experience. Relax on the balcony of the longest running hotel in Ontario and take in the view. Dundas offers a large variety of events, art, theatre, and entertainment in a picturesque setting. Come and find your bliss in Dundas today.


The ideal place for anyone who loves the outdoors, Dundas offers so many adventures.

Follow the Bruce Trail through beautiful wildlife, spying gorgeous waterfalls along the way, to Dundas Peak - where stunning views of Dundas and West Hamilton await you.

In Dundas, waterfalls abound with Webster’s Falls and Tews Falls being the most notable and both are a lovely sight to behold. A trip along these trails would be a picturesque journey for anyone, whether you’re walking, running, or cycling.

If you’d prefer a night of excitement, then take in a hockey game in Dundas. With two different hockey teams, The Dundas Blues and the Dundas Real McCoys, there is plenty of opportunity to catch a game.

For those in search of some culture, Dundas offers a thriving art scene. Not only does Dundas offer a wonderful art gallery but a school of art as well. Many local artist study in town and their works can be found at the festivals in Dundas.

Buskerfest is great fun for the whole family! Watch a performer juggle fire or swallow a sword! At the Dundas Cactus Festival you can play games, wander through the vendors or enjoy a live music show. Any music enthusiast will love life in Dundas, where you hear live music in the park all summer long.

From high action sports to a lively event schedule, there is something for everyone to discover in Dundas.


Dundas was called Coote’s Paradise until 1814 when it was renamed for Henry Dundas - 1st Viscount Melville.

Dundas was an important and prosperous town in Upper Canada in the late 1700s and early 1800s because of its access to Lake Ontario through the Desjardin Canal. Many towns have streets named Dundas for this reason. In fact, Toronto’s Dundas street once ended in the town of Dundas.

As part of Wentworth County, Dundas was Incorporated in 1847. The first railway station was built in 1864, a surprising 11 years after the rail line was built that ran through Dundas - The Great Western Railway. Many of the buildings from this period in time still stand in Dundas today - come and see these beautiful structures for yourself.

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