Cavan Monaghan Township


Welcome to a town that is full of adventure and fun activities. Being in this town gives you a chance to feel like you are part of the entertainment industry as plenty of filming takes place here. Productions like Ice Princess, The Music Man, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, A History of Violence and The Town Christmas Forgot all will filmed in the area.

The community is a place that suits everyone from artists to shoppers to historians. There is something for everyone, therefore the community hosts people of all walks.

Cavan Monaghan which was previously referred to as Cavan-Millbrook-North Monaghan until 2007 is found only 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Peterborough.


The town offers the perfect landscape to wander through the picture perfect downtown leading to the attraction of numerous filmmakers. The Galerie Q is available for the artists while the shoppers have a variety of outstanding shops for instance Bear Essentials.

There are amazing restaurants that offer meals to die for. History buffs will enjoy the self-guided walking tour which is planned by the Millbrook & Cavan historical society where you can visit the 44 historically significant buildings in town.

The region hosts a long trail system consisting of five diverse trails with different difficulties and distance. The adventure you receive from the trails is one of a kind for they wind through wetlands, forests, meadows and offer a splendid wildlife experience.

Those who are into fishing can enjoy the 3 kilometre Baxter Creek Trail where you can catch herons, trouts, Kingfishers among others. The Millpond Park provides a relaxing and chill resting area which is surrounding the Millpond and Old Mill.
The town has the 4th Line Theatre which offers an experience that visitors and people from all over the world want to be part of. The Fraserville provides a chance to gain or lose cash depending on your luck as it has over 450 slot machines. There is a live harness racing at 7:00 every Saturday night giving you a chance to mingle and make some bets.


The original townships of Cavan and Monaghan were named after County Cavan and County Monaghan in Ireland whereby most of its settlers had emigrated. In the year 1974, the township of Cavan plus the village of Millbrook was incorporated as part of Peterborough County.

North Monaghan was incorporated in 1998 and the township was renamed Cavan Monaghan in 2007. The township includes many small villages and hamlets such as Cavan, Bailieboro, Millbrook and Fraserville. The Township has a Canadian heritage which is well demonstrated in its well-preserved villages, its deep history and present relations to the past.

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