Welcome to the city where nature meets humanity. A city that is formed where two rivers magically flow together, the river Grand and river Speed.

Cambridge brings together demographic diversity in its incredible combination of the City of Galt, the towns of Preston and Hespler and the hamlet of Blair. Galt being a city forms the largest part of Cambridge forming the southern half of the city. Preston and the hamlet of Blair occupy the western side of the city while Hespeler forms the northeasterly section of Cambridge.


Cambridge has an abundance of recreational and sports facilities. It is home to 365 hectares of parkland, 99 parks, over 140 sports fields, and many golf courses. The city’s ability to defy nature and include over 70 kilometres of urban and natural trails of which an incredible 18 kilometers runs along the Grand and Speed rivers provides an atmosphere to work, play and live in.

Cambridge is home to the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League’s Cambridge Winterhawks, and the four-time Allan Cup winning Cambridge Hornets. The Cambridge Aquajets are a competitive swim team whose success has been backed by the City of Cambridge pools which provide a superior training ground.
Football is one of the top sports in Cambridge with many championships held annually such as the “Ontario Varsity Football Leagues”, “Southwestern Ontario Football Association of Leagues” and the “Ontario Minor Football League”.

Outside sporting activities, there are immense recreational facilities. These facilities are spread throughout Cambridge creating an even recreational advantage throughout Cambridge. The city hosts 6 public skating arenas and 2 private skating arenas all of which are modern and state of the art facilities.

For the swimming enthusiasts, Cambridge houses 2 public indoor pools and 3 public outdoor pools. Cambridge houses a lawn bowling club: the Preston Lawn Bowling Club. What is notable about this park is that it is open to all age groups and is a member of District 7 of the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association.


Cambridge started out as a composite city in 1973 upon amalgamation of City of Galt, Towns of Preston and Hespler and the hamlet of Blair. This amalgamation garnered considerate resistance from the local population terming it a ‘shot-gun’ marriage. Up to date, the residents of Cambridge will often associate themselves with the specific divides as either citizens of Hespler, Blair, Galt and even Preston. However, it is in these unique demographic divides and cultural differences that Cambridge has soared to be one of the most popular cities in Canada.

As Cambridge has continued to develop, a commercial core has emerged which is entirely modern in its construction and has transformed the city into a business hub.

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