Located in the Municipality of Trent Lakes, Buckhorn is a hamlet community situated at the Southern tip of the beautiful Canadian Shield. Like many of the communities throughout Peterborough County, Buckhorn was founded by early pioneers who saw a unique opportunity characterized by natural beauty and prime location. The Trent-Severn Waterway pierces through the mid-point of Buckhorn, separating Buckhorn Lake from Lower Buckhorn Lake, making it an ideal tourist location.

The Buckhorn area is rich in heritage, culture and local pride, elements that are all on display within the local scenery. The area is built on four seasons of activities and amenities, and offers something for all walks of life, no matter what season. From Spring through Fall, life on the water becomes the norm, with boating, canoeing, kayaking and fishing being the mainstays. The area is known for its world-renown fishing opportunities and offers up plenty of casting enjoyment for all skill levels. During the Winter season, the focus remains outdoors but switches to the 160 kilometers of trails fit for hiking, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and snowmobiling. And yes, we still fish during the winter. There’s always something to do!

Whether it’s a weekend visit or an opportunity to lay down long term roots, Buckhorn and its surrounding areas are sure to provide you with the warmth, necessities and conveniences you’ll need to proudly call it home.

Local Craft Shows

There are lots of craft events going on the Buckhorn area all year round, such as the Spring Craft Show (Victoria Day weekend), Harvest Craft Show (Thanksgiving weekend) and in November just in time for Christmas is a wonderful annual event called In the 'Nick' of Time Christmas Marketplace.

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival

Gallery-quality displays of local and international art, local fine dining displays, musical performances. It’s no wonder the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, which takes place in late August, has been named to the Top 100 Festival and Events in Ontario for 9 years in a row.


Canoeing, kayaking and boat rentals are some of the many activities you can find and they are available from spring through fall. For people who are into fishing, Buckhorn and the surrounding area is ideal as it has plenty of Crappie, Perch, Pickerel, Small and Largemouth Bass, Panfish and Muskie.

For a relaxing retreat the region provides sandy beaches and picnic areas as well as miles of canoe routes and nature trails. The best part about Buckhorn is that there are activities year round including the winter season where there is cross country skiing, snowmobile trails, ice fishing and snowshoe trails.


The name Buckhorn arose from when John Hall who was the first settler in the year 1827 constructed a sawmill and a dam. He displayed his collection of deer antlers on the outside walls of his mill, hence the name Buckhorn. There is also the belief that the Lake acquired its name from its shape that was considered similar to a buck’s head having antlers projecting on each side.

Buckhorn Lake is found in the townships of Selwyn and Trent Lakes in Peterborough. The settlements that are found on the lake include Gannon Village, Kawartha Hideaway, Oak Orchard, Gannon Beach, Kimberly Park as well as Young’s Cove.

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