Brantford is located in the heart of Southern Ontario along the Grand River. Brantford has direct access to the 403 and is located in close proximity to many other major highways making it a commuter’s dream. Brantford is also very close to all three Canadian ports of entry (Windsor, Toronto, Niagara Falls).

Brantford is known as the Telephone City because it was here that Alexander Graham Bell first thought of the idea for the telephone.

The city of Brantford is vibrant and active with plenty to do and see. It is a wonderful place to work, play and live.

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There is something to do in Brantford for residents of all ages in every season, including festivals, studio art tours, theatre, and unique shops to explore.

Brantford has an active arts scene with a diverse range of cultural activities such as performing, literary and visual arts organizations, libraries, art galleries and museums, multicultural groups and more. Brantford also puts on a number of cultural days where people can discover and experience the unique aspects of certain cultures. For music lovers the city plays host to the Brantford International Jazz Festival.

Whether you are seeking outdoor adventure, family fun, a unique shopping excursion, sporting events or cultural experiences Brantford has it all.

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The Indigenous groups that originally inhabited the region characterize the Brantford area. The Iroquoian-speaking Attawandaron, also known as the Neutral Nation lived in this area along the Grand River before the 17th century. The village was destroyed when the Iroquois declared war in 1650 over the fur trade.

Brantford received its name after the settlement of the Six Nations group in the area. Captain Joseph Brant and the Mohawks left New York State for Canada and settled along the south-edge of present day Brantford. There are many Aboriginal groups still inhabiting the area.

Colonists and European immigrants later considered the area home including Alexander Graham Bell and his family. Bell invented the telephone here in 1874, which is the reason the city is commonly referred to as Telephone City.

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