Beamsville is a small community within the town of Lincoln, within the Niagara Peninsula. It is a quaint little town that has a historic downtown area filled with century-old brick buildings, barber shops, women’s dress shops, a bakery, print shop, banks and other businesses.

The community is also in the heart of wine country and has plenty of orchards and vineyards.

Residents of Lincoln have access to a variety of services and programs that make living in Beamsville a joy. There is a large array of children’s programs available making it an ideal community to raise a family in.


You can splendour in the sights of orchards and vineyards, and delight in the produce from fresh fruit stands and vintages from local wineries. You can also enjoy the sights and sound s of nature by walking along the region’s many trails and through its many parks.

There are plenty of organized community events for both young and old. The children and youth programs and services offers an incredible summer camp program for children.


Beamsville got its name from one of the early pioneers to arrive in the area, Jacob Beam. Jacob Beam’s two original homesteads are still intact today. Beam was a prominent figure in the area, donating land and resources for the establishment of the local school, church, and cemetery.

An interesting bit of local history is that in 1898, hockey players in the town of Beamsville are said to be the first to make use of a hockey net.

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