Welcome to Amaranth, the largest township in Dufferin County.

The township is located in the southern central part of Ontario and boarders Orangeville in the northwest and Shelburne to the south. Peace and plenty of flourish characterize this township making it a unique and diverse community for residence. Serenity is an integral characteristic of the township as its corporation is occupied by diverse landscape features, wetlands and most importantly by its residents who take pride in the sustainability of the beautiful community.

The name of the town is derived from the beautiful Amaranth plant that grows in plenty throughout the township.


Amaranth Township is nestled among a vibrant recreational community, being a cosmopolitan of neighbourhoods and hamlets such as Waldemar and Laurel. The township is bounded to the west by Lake Luther, the largest wetland in Ontario and hence making it an ideal destination for visitors. The beauty of the township is also crowned by a spectacular variety of wildlife which are available in all the four seasons. With an old rail line crossing the township, Amaranth town is home for various recreational activities such as Snowmobiling along the sleek and well groomed trails.


Amaranth Township has a short history of how it came into existence. Initially, in the year 1841, Amaranth Township became a part of Wellington County which had a rough population estimate of 500 people. Later in the year 1854, it became incorporated as a township in Dufferin County.

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