Cradled in the southern shores of Shuswap Lake and just south Shuswap and right on the Trans Canada Highway is Tappen. Tappen is renowned for its recreation and retirement lifestyle, but there is much more to Tappen. Expect to enjoy scenic landscapes, specialty hobbies and great experiences, visit and indulge in traditional farms and appreciate the expansive artisan community.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the Tappen area, from swimming, house boating, fishing and boating on Lake Shuswap to hiking, alpine, cross country skiing and first-class golfing.


In Tappen there are number of activities to indulge in the summer starting with fishing, boating or house boating and even swimming on the southern part of Shuswap Lake. In the winter there is also plenty to do, including alpine and cross-country skiing. Tappen also is home to a first-class championship golf course.

Vintage car lovers should explore the White Post Auto Museum and for those interested in history, visit Notch Hill to see the ruins of 1920s vibrant Notch Hill railway town.
The beautiful Margaret Falls over various activities such as nature walks and visiting the cave below. Hikers can explore the Bastion Mountain trail which is northeast of Tappen in addition to several locations such as Bryden and Pement Lakes as well as Skimikin Lake, Herman Lake, Reinecker Creek and White Lookout Trail.

Within the vicinity of Tappen are three provincial parks namely White Lake Provincial Park, Herald Provincial Park and Shuswap Lake Marine Provincial Park.


The earliest traced settlements into the area are recorded at 1884 when George Tappan settled in the area. George Tappan was a subcontractor who was laying tracks for the Canadian Pacific Railway and the town is named after him albeit spelt differently. Notch Hill which is nearby was a once boom railway town in the 1920s but is now mostly made up of historical ruins of buildings that remain.

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