Residents will simply describe Sicamous as a way of life where nature sparks energy and comfort. Sicamous is a lovely and homely town best known for its resorts. Straddled on the shores of Eagle River the Mara Lake and the Shuswap Lake. Sicamous has picturesque views and is often a getaway for residents of Vancouver and Calgary. Many come to enjoy the outdoors on offer with birdwatching for some while for others chose wakeboarding. Sicamous has many other outdoor activities to enjoy such as ziplining, wildlife viewing, fishing, hikes, golf, cycling and snowmobiling during the winter. The town is also very popular with houseboating in the summer. Come and see why Sicamous is such an amazing place to live.


Sicamous is all about the beautiful outdoors. The Monashee Mountains surround the town and cocoon the provincial parks available to explore. The Sky Trek Adventure Park provides numerous activities among them being ziplining over the enchanted forest with 800 year old cedars and Crazy Creek Waterfalls.
Sicamous is also synonymous with houseboating often termed as the ‘houseboat capital of Canada’ with numerous houseboats on the Shuswap lake. In the Summer, the lakes and river surrounding the town also allow for power boating, kayaking and canoeing. Fishing also very popular about 19 fish species on offer from the various lakes and river. There are numerous hotels and resorts to stay at and the restaurants offer local cuisines.


In the 1800s, Sicamous was inhabited by the Shuswap but permanents settlers came in 1885
which was mostly families from Finland. Eagle Pass Landing quickly became a town in 1871
becoming a center for supplying railway construction and now is more popular for sledding,
houseboating, hiking, cycling and swimming. Finlayson Store and a jail were built in 1892,
followed by a post office in 1904 and a school in 1908. Sicamous Hotel was built in the 1900s
but burnt down in 1964 and a bridge across the channel reduced ferry crossing in 1949. The first
newspaper, Eagle Valley News was first printed in 1958 while Sicamous itself was incorporated
in 1989.

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