Lavington is a sweet and simple community that is always relaxing to be a part of. It is a small unincorporated community in the Okanagan region and there are numerous things to do while in Lavington.

Visitors and residents can fish, hunt, hike and camp in the water bodies and parks in and around Lavington. There are also various attractions such as the Freedom Flight Park that are within Lavington and for the those with refined palates can enjoy the BX Press Cidery and Orchard.


Lavington provides numerous attractions nearby such as the OAP Hall and for those interested in history can visit the Aberdeen Columns. There are a couple of motels to stay at in the vicinity of Lavington and for campers the Dutch’s Camp Ground is near. Lavington is also home to Lavington Elementary School. The school is part of school district 22 Vernon.


A school was set up in as early as 1892 to 1897 for the Coldstream area. Another school was opened in 1913 in Lavington.The area also got electricity in 1930. Lavington community until today has not been incorporated.

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