Lake Country


Lake Country offers laid back simplicity with orchard and vineyards surrounding the hills and highlands. The are numerous plateaus and freshwater lakes providing a means to move around the area as well as enjoying the aqua life whenever you please.

At Lake Country one may use the quiet atmosphere to relax at the beach or enjoy the outdoor flora and fauna with hikes, boating and fishing. There is a charm to Lake Country with its lakes, orchards and fine wineries that is still fun in winter with major resorts just a small distance away. This is in addition to the light winter Lake Country experiences usually light snow allowing for recreation during winter.


There are numerous water activities to be had in Lake Country as its name implies such as boating, swimming, waterskiing and kiteboarding in the beautiful waters of Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake and Wood Lake. This in addition to paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking that is popular in Beaver lake, Deer Lake and Oyama Lake. The fertility of Lake Country has also resulted in thriving orchards and vineyards churning out great wineries and cellars, there are also fruit stands to enjoy the ample fruit production of the region. Fans of the outdoors can enjoy light hiking trails, ziplining and forest adventures.

In winter there is ice fishing, skating and snowmobiling. For those keener on arts and culture there is the Art Walk which is the largest art festival in the Southern BC region and the Gibson Heritage House with artifacts and historical information about orchard life in the early 1900s in Lake Country.


In the early 1900s because of the fertility of the area, Lake Country was home to numerous orchards that have given rise to the vineyards, wineries and cellars in the area. Lake Country was incorporated in 1995 to a municipality joining neighboring communities though they exist as independent wards.

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