Welcome to Kelowna! Not simply a singular destination but several of them all collected
beautifully in one place to indulge in urban and rural, nature and culture and where one can enjoy both downtime and playtime.

Kelowna is a large city ideal for family holidays, romantic getaways or simply time off with friends. Time at Kelowna can be spent exploring the gorgeous waterfront boardwalk, enjoying the locally made wine or brews, bike trailing, visiting the historic Myra Canyon Trestles or simply a hike up a mountain. The beaches are relaxing while for foodies the markets and local restaurants offer numerous delicacies. For golfers there are 18 courses to get through!


There is so much to enjoy and explore at Kelowna.

There are many parks both regional and provincial that number at about 200 as well as a couple of community gardens for families. There are 4 boat launches for those avid on boating in Kelowna. There are several museums that explore the rich Kelowna history. For those with young children and youth can consider the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club for healthy physical, educational and social developments, YMCA, Rutland Activity Center and Rutland Twin Area. Natural areas all over Kelowna such as the parks allow for tree and wildlife exploration while for those who are active Kelowna offer trails and roadways in addition to the parks and beaches mentioned.

Kelowna is a golfer’s paradise with 18 golf courses with numerous events happening. Those with a unique alcohol palate can enjoy the Okanagan wineries, cideries, distillers and craft breweries.


Settlement in Kelowna is rumored to date back 9000 years back but in recent history, the first
Europeans settled in 1859 beginning with Father Charles M. Pandosy who was a French Roman Catholic. Kelowna was incorporated officially on May 4 th , 1905. Also, notable in Kelowna’s history is that in May 2005, its Centennial, the five lane William R. Bennett Bridge started construction to replace the older three lane bridge and was finished in 2008.

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