Grindrod is a small unincorporated community in the western bank of Shuswap Rover straddling between Enderby and Shuswap County. The location of the community allows a proximity to the Baccata Ridge Winery, Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park and Mara Provincial Park. It is also near various hiking trails, Campsites and resorts allowing for those who prefer simple settlements to stay away from larger towns and cities while enjoying what they have to offer.


The size of the quiet and serene Grindrod means that most recreational attraction that are not exclusively within its boundaries but within its proximity. There are various parks close by and the Twin Lakes Hike and Camping are as well as Salmon Arm Camping Resort is near Grindrod in addition to Tekerra Campground and Turner Creek/Rotary Trail. For those interested in the art and history of Grindrod the Enderby Museum nearby houses archives and artifacts from the Community.


Grindrod was named after Edmund Holden Grindrod who was a CPR telegraph inspector and the first person to settle in the area was Edgar Emeny in 1888. The first Grindrod bridge dates to 1910 with the present bridge replacing it in 1958. The first buildings were a grocery store and a general store which is now a hubcab store. The Community of Grindrod has not yet been incorporated.

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