Enderby is a small town, but don’t let that fool you, because that’s what makes it great!

Small enough to have that quaint small town charm, and yet close enough to major city centres to enjoy all the amenities and conveniences of big city living, Enderby is the ideal place to settle down for those looking for the best of both worlds.

If you love the outdoors, beautiful scenic landscapes, tranquil lakes and majestic flora, Enderby will attract your attention like no other town can. Come and live in one of the best kept secrets in British Columbia!

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Enderby is a host to various outdoor activities including tube floating, hiking, canoeing and kayaking, golfing, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. It is also home to Enderby Memorial Arena and Curling Rink, Ball diamonds and an outdoor public pool. There are two golf courses; Mabel Lake Golf and Country Club and Birchdale Golf Course.

The east of Enderby hosts fantastic ski trails. The trails at Enderby Cliffs allow for hikes in fall, fishing in the lakes and ball games. There are various events and festivals to showcase Enderby’s taste for real hospitality while evenings can be spent under the stars watching a show at the largest drive-in movie theatre in North America, the Starlight Drive-Inn.

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