Port Perry


Port Perry serves as an administration and commercial hub of Scugog with a major hospital, municipal offices and retail shops. It is composed of many other smaller communities, is close to Lake Scugog (One of Ontario’s largest man-made lakes) and The Great Blue Heron Charitable Casino is the major employer in the township.

The township has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s. The Victorian-era downtown attracts tourists in addition to festivals, golf courses, a big casino, libraries, museums and island cruises.


The town hosts many tourists through the year and the lengthy history of the town means that most structures follow Victorian architecture giving it a historic feel.

Blue Heron Charitable Casino attracts many visitors, Scugog Island cruises provide picturesque views across Lake Scugog whose shoreline harbors two lakeside parks and is a popular destination for ice-fishing.

There are numerous festivals in the summer as well as bass tournaments and lakeside activities and many golf courses both private and public. The museum, library and town hall allow indulgence for performing arts enthusiasts while restaurants allow for indulgence in local cuisines with many bed and breakfast places to relax at. Many local farmers pick their own fruits.


The area around the town was first surveyed in 1809 with the original home built in 1821, still in use today. The townsite was named Port Perry in 1852 and become a village in 1871 and developed an intense rivalry with its neighbors: Prince Albert and Manchester. Port Perry got railway in 1867 which made business quickly move from rival neighboring towns. The village was amalgamated with Cartwright, Reach and Scugog Townships to form the Township of Scugog in 1974 after the establishment of the Regional Municipality of Durham.

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