Belleville is a city full of life and fun activities. There is always something cut out for everyone all year round including winter.

The town experiences the four distinctive seasons but the most traditional climate being cold winters and hot summers which are moderated by the city’s approximate location near Lake Ontario. The city is among Ontario’s most picturesque areas with radiant rivers and lakes and numerous activities to enjoy. There are perfect rivers, lakes and streams for you enjoy.

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There are diverse set of activities offered by the city. The picture perfect views and trails offered by the lakeside are breathtaking. The parks are perfect for summer for a relaxing and a moment of peace that cannot be put in words. Observe the Wildlife at the various conservation areas like Frink Centre Conservation Area. Ski and snow tours, kayaking and canoeing are some of the activities that can be done at the lake.

There are theatres that provides the deepest form of cultures from performance to arts anyone can ever experience. There are plenty of historic features to explore like Glanmore National Historic Site which is incredibly preserved with exquisite homes. Shoppers will enjoy the mall and its various different shopping stalls. Food lovers will delight in the eclectic variety of restaurants that have tantalizing meals that will leave you wanting more.

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Asukhknosk which was the original site of an Anishinaabe village in the 18th century and became the future location of the city being settled by United Empire Loyalists. It was later referred to as Meyer’s Creek who was a prominent settler and industrialist John Walden Meyers. In the year 1816 it was renamed Belleville in honor of Lady Arabella Gore. This was after a visit to the settlement by Sir Francis Gore and his wife. The completion of Grand Trunk in 1855 made Belleville an important railway junction.

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