The life of the country with everything you need! Ayr is located in the Township of North Dumfries in Waterloo, Ontario. Ayr has a rural rustic feel with all the amenities you need located just south of Kitchener and west of Cambridge. Ayr is a friendly, sweet, rural village that has grown. With ample parks, schools, the brand new North Dumfries Community Complex. Need health care? The Grand River Hospital, and North Dumfries Community Health Centre has everything you need for your health! Need to run some errands and go grocery shopping? Visit Foodlands, the Little Short Stop, and Moore’s Berries and Farm Fresh Produce by Ontario Farmers.

Residents are proud to live in Ayr support new businesses and new members. Often you will see filming for Canada’s long running show Murdoch Mysteries here. Sign up for the esteemed 1909 Culinary Academy for classes or taste their signature meals by the chefs! Visit the famous Lavender Farm a family run business with stunning lavender smell and artistic fields. There is so much to explore in Ayr and close to Cambridge and Kitchener. Ayr is a welcoming and inviting community ready for you to find your forever home.


There is much to do in this community, whether it be staying active outdoors walking along the Nith River and the many trails, parks, and lakes to explore in every season. Love golf? The Whistle Bear Golf Course has stunning rolling hill views and Vair’s Restaurant and Bar for a meal. Go out for an adventure and visit Blair Sheave Mill that has a stunning waterfall and breathtaking trails and views.

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The Village of Ayr was developed in 1824 when Abel Mudge built a saw mill at Smith and Cedar Creek. From there he set the foundation for Robert Wyllie to rename and grow the settlement of Ayr. Getting its name from Ayr, Scotland many of the early settlers immigrated from Scotland. These settlers were key and instrumental in developing the farming lands and creating opportunities for businesses. To this day Ayr is now incorporated into the Township of North Dumfries in the Regional Municipalitiy of Waterloo. There are many historical walking tours that residents can take a step back in time and learn more about the beginnings of this beautiful community.

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