Aurora is a very rich and diverse town that offers everything that you can find in an urban setting while still maintaining its cozy small town charm. Residents of Aurora take an incredible amount of pride in their beautiful and friendly town, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Aurora has many opportunities, whether it’s for business, fun or just a visit.

This town is full of arts and culture, fantastic recreation activities and Aurora is also home to a wide variety of parks and trails that promote active living and the outdoors.

Business investment and development in Aurora is very strong. The town hosts over 1,300 businesses with 150 corporate industries and head offices, along with a vibrant downtown core with many retail outlets and offices.

Aurora is a great home for commuters. Toronto is only a short drive away, making it simple for residents commute daily by bus, car, or GO train.

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Aurora has a variety of great events that are held in the community. From the annual Easter egg hunt and Canada day celebrations to riveting concerts and movies in the park, Aurora is constantly providing residents with fantastic ways to enjoy and explore what the town of Aurora has to offer.

For the children, the town has a great selection of activities, classes, summer camps, ball hockey, cooking classes, swimming programs, scrapbooking, archery and more. There is something for all ages to enjoy, including many fitness facilities for the public to use.


With the order of Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe in 1793 to extend Yonge Street to Holland Landing, access was opened to the area that is now Aurora, allowing for settlement of the area to begin.

Settlement of the area was modest until the introduction of the railway in 1853. The railway brought industry, growth and money into the area, leading to the incorporation of the town of Aurora in 1888 with a population of just over two thousand.

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