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The anchor township is Port Perry and a small part of the township was also a historic municipality and geographic township prior to the amalgamation. Scugog was formed after an amalgamation between the chief commercial and administrative area of Port Perry, Cartwright and Reach. The township is a popular tourist destination due to the casino and recreational opportunities from the lake and other activities.


There are numerous affordable activities and recreational programs on offer in the township of Scugog. There are various facilities for sports, fitness, swimming, skating, camps, festivals to attend throughout the year. The Lake Scugog has lakeside parks and there are Island cruises provided for tourists to enjoy the picturesque lake. The Blue Heron Charitable Casino is a major attraction for the township as well as the historic feel in certain parts of the township. There are also private and public golf parks and various festivals throughout the year especially in the summer. There numerous restaurants to enjoy local delicacies.


The name Scugog is said to have been derived from the Mississauga word ‘sigaog’ meaning ‘waves leap over a canoe’ referring to the creation of Lake Scugog. The original township was divided between Reach and Cartwright but later creation of the Lake Scugog created Scugog Island that separated Reach and Cartwright to form the township in 1856. In 1872, the oldest grain elevator was built within the township. Creation of the Regional Municipality of Durham resulted in restructuring of various townships which resulted in the current Township of Scugog after further amalgamation with the town of Port Perry.

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