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Oro Medonate is a township that was formed during the restructuring of the Simcoe County with

a merger between the towns of Oro and Medonate in 1994. The township has numerous

communities that have converged there and has a history dating back to the war of 1812 when

the townships were established. The township boasts of a provincial park, a forest resources

management area, 3 major ski resorts, golf courses, mountain bike trails which are also good for

hiking. There is also a rich art and culture scene and many more activities, events and attractions

available to residents and visitors.


In the township of Oro-Medonate is a four-season culture and recreation destination. In the

summer and autumn enjoy the Bass Lake Provincial Park, Copeland Forest Resources

Management Area. During winter, there are three major ski resorts: Mount St. Louis Moonstone,

Horseshoe Resort and Hardwood Ski and Bike. There are year-round fishing opportunities, golf

courses and a vast network of recreational trails for hiking and biking with smoother areas for

leisurely cycling tours. The townships’ rich history provides a great art scene and culture

experience for visitors.


he region served as a strategic region lying between Lake Simcoe and the Georgian Bay

resulting in the establishment of the townships with veterans receiving the Oro area as a

grant. The townships then thrived with taverns, hotels, stores and even a post office in the late

1800s. Drill sheds were established in Oro in the 1860s and an extensive station with a freight

sheds came in 1871. The railroad expanded in the 1800s and early 1900s. In 1994, the two

neighboring townships of Oro and Medonte were merged under the restructuring of Simcoe


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