Essa is a township that sits on the west and south of the city of Barrie. The township is approximately 100 kilometres from Toronto. Essa is a weave of collage of communities such as the Angus, Thornton and Baxter who form the larger groups and is also populated by other smaller groups.

Outside the community setup, Essa is home to politician Helena Guergis who was a former member of parliament of Simcoe-Grey.


Essa is renown for its community based events.

The events are scheduled and advertised online to enable interested parties to follow up. The events calendar spans from Seniors Walking and Exercise Club to Breakfast Buffets which is an initiative pioneered by the Utopian community, one of the smaller communities of Essa.

The township is home to the Minor Hockey League which is a celebrated due to its many accolades both locally and nationally. As such, hockey is one of the most played sports in the township backed by its promotion by the Angus Recreational Centre. The center houses an indoor ice skating pad and the township enjoys an ever running ice schedule which brings together many other hockey teams.

Essa is also home to the Thornton Recreation Centre which is a busy centre as it hosts a state of the art fitness centre. The centre houses a sports hall, an air conditioned, mirrored dance studio, a gymnasium, an indoor cycling studio, a floodlight 3G pitch and a large purpose built fitness area.


Essa Township is one of the original towns of Simcoe County as its inception goes as far back as when the county was established. The township evolved into a municipality upon administrative changes within Simcoe in 1991 and 1994. The township’s population has been on an upward trend and currently stand at 20,000 persons.

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