Wasaga Beach


Wasaga Beach is one of the premiere communities to live in Ontario.

Nestled along the south shore of Georgian Bay, Wasaga Beach is home to the most famous 14 kilometres of white sand beach in Ontario. Swim in warm, clean water, and enjoy the panoramic views of the bay along with its beautiful and romantic sunsets.

Wasaga Beach is far more than just the beach. The town offers a wide variety of fantastic restaurants and special events for the whole family to enjoy.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love Wasaga. Hike along one of the several hiking trails in the area, explore the beautiful Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, and spend time on the water in beautiful Georgian Bay.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation residence in one of the many cottage style homes in and around the area, or if you’re looking to settle down in a newer peaceful residential areas in town, Wasaga Beach is the perfect community to become a part of.

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Wasaga Beach offers the longest freshwater beach in the world with a span of 14 kilometres of beautiful sandy shore. Visitors and residents alike can splendor in the breathtaking views at the beach and its famous sunsets.

The Wasaga Nordic Centre and Trail provides the opportunity for summer time walking activities, and in winter is used as a cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ski skating trail.

A variety of leisure activities are offered throughout the year to area residents with a recreation guide is mailed to residents twice a year. It includes activities such as skating, gymnastics, Spanish lessons, specialty courses and more. There is never a shortage of activities for all ages to participate in.

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The Huron people originally inhabited Wasaga Beach until the French-allied Algonquin people moved into the area in 1650. The Algonquin language provided us with the term “Nottawasaga” which translates as “mouth of the river”. This word was used as a warning signal when Iroquois were approaching the villages with the intent to raid them.

The Wasaga Beach area lacked soil that was appropriate for farming so European settlement to the area was relatively late. It was an unattractive area for farming, but later was used for logging because of the area’s numerous trees. The logging industry played an important role in the eventual development of the area.

The area has always been an area where families have gathered for picnics and holidays during the summer months because of the beauty of the area, and the beach. It has always been and continues to be a tourist destination.

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