Welcome to the town of Shelburne! A vibrant community located in the county of Dufferin, Shelburne is also well known as “The Burne.” It is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the southern part of Ontario as it located at the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 89.

The vibrant and beautiful Shelburne community offers a refreshing place to relax in mostly due to the very renowned “Canadian Old Time Fiddle Championship” which takes place in this town on an annual basis, during the second week of August. Additionally, being a fast growing town in the Northern part of the Dufferin County, Shelburne forms the Urban Hub for the residents of this area.

Shelburne is home for various manufacturing plants like KTH, Honda, Blue Mountains Plastics, Ice River Springs, among others; making it a commercial town offering great potential for your business.


Shelburne offers various recreational facilities and scenes as it is host to many events and programs suitable for people of all ages. Ranging from the Grace Tipling Hall, found in the town, to the most renowned Fiddle Ville Entertainment Gardens, this town offers enough entertainment for everyone.

The annual Canadian Old Time Fiddle Championship tops the recreational activities that are hosted by the town. This event has over the years been known to attract thousands of Fiddlers from the East Coast and all over North America for this annual parade.


After finding his way through the bushes in Melancthon in the early 1860s, William Jelly, the founder of Shelburne, built several cabins in the area. In the late 1840s the development of Melancthon had begun together with the construction of the Toronto-Sydenham Road, which is currently known as Highway 10. Settlers therefore moved into the Shelburne area in the 1860s.

Later, in the year 1865, the British Canadian Hotel too was established by William Jelly and shortly after, a post office was built. Following the new railways that were built in this area, there was a rapid economic and population growth, leading to the incorporation of Shelburne as a town in the year 1977.

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