Welcome to the Town of Oakville! A beautiful lakeside town rich with heritage, lakeshore views and located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Located 30 minutes outside of Toronto and about an hour’s drive to the U.S, Oakville is perfect for living in between. Located near highways QEW, 403, 407 and Go Transit, you can travel downtown and be home in time for dinner.

Voted #1 as the “Best Place to Live in Canada” for 2 years in a row, Oakville residents have access to every state of the art facility and amenities nearby. Oakville is a home for every stage of life, situated on Lake Ontario with stunning natural views. Stroll along the boardwalk, visit the heritage shops that are immaculately kept all year round, or start your own business. Oakville has top rated schools, community care hospitals and everything else in between. This growing community maintains its charm and class providing residents with everything they need and more.

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Oakville Waterfront

Oakville's waterfront on Lake Ontario features beautiful scenery with two natural harbours, and a system of river trails that run through it. Featuring wooded areas, meadows, museums and formal gardens there is plenty to see and do along the waterfront. During the summer months many events and activities are available, and the harbour accommodate many boating options.

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Oakville residents are never bored! There is so much to do in this marina community where nature takes the forefront in every season. During the summer months, kayak, canoe, or boat on Lake Ontario. Hike, bike and walk along the boardwalk and the many trails leading into and out of Oakville. Watch the seasons change in the fall where the leaves become the greatest showstopper. There is plenty to do outdoors and community events that unite residents. In the winter you can snowshoe and skate outdoors. The Oakville Performing Arts Centre always has local talent and visiting artists in every form. There is no shortage of entertainment. Try visiting the 5 Drive-In theatre or the Starlight Theatre to catch a movie under the stars in the comfort of your car! There is a reason that Oakville is Voted #1 in Canada for consecutive years.

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The Town of Oakville has three heritage societies that help to keep this lakeside town and heritage buildings in tip top shape. Oakville was founded in 1820 to build a marina community on Lake Ontario for shipbuilding and the shipping industry. Since then the community has grown while honouring the early development days. Visit the Fallen Soldiers, Georges Square and Memorial Park to pay respect to our fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our country. Oakville is proud of its museum that commemorates community members and documents historical moments in Oakville.

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