Lindsay has a lot to offer. The town is a deep rooted cultured area with amazing sceneries and beautiful landscapes. The town is of a small community of approximately 20,354 people, located on the Scugog River in the Kawartha Lake approximately 43 kilometres west of Peterborough.

The town is rich in educational institutions from colleges to high schools to elementary schools, and is considered to be the center of commerce and business in the region. The town has Lindsay transit which offers bus services to the residents as well as its surrounding area.


The town provides diverse recreational activities for everyone to enjoy.

When you need a moment to unwind, the parks in the town offers a relaxing and peaceful moment. The Victoria Park is conveniently situated and has the best summer music while the Lindsay Memorial Park provides a moment of lovely walk.

For golf lovers there are plenty of golf clubs such as Whitetail Golf Club, Olde Gaol Museum among others. There are many theatres for art lovers as well as local artists that produce artwork that is rich and affordable.

For nature lovers the town has a lot of places you can explore, like the Ken Reid Conservation area. There are many amazing boutiques for shoppers and great restaurants that offer mouthwatering foods.


There was a survey that was conducted in 1834 where John Huston plotted the designated town site into streets and lots. During the survey, Mr. Lindsay who was one of Huston’s assistants was accidentally shot and died of an infection. The surveyor’s plan recorded the name and death of the late Mr. Lindsay leading to the name Lindsay remaining as the town’s name with the government’s approval.

On 19th June 1857 Lindsay was officially incorporated as a town. The merging and dissolving of Lindsay’s town government took place in 2001. The town was merged with Victoria County into City of Kawartha Lakes.

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