Kawartha Lakes


The Kawartha Lakes are a chain of lakes forming the upper watershed of Trent River. The region, which is named after the lakes, is in Peterborough County and is dotted with cottages that vary in size hinting at the popularity of tourism in the region. It is a legal municipality in the form of a single-tier city but the size of a county and is mostly rural. The population centres around the community of Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, Omemee and Woodville.


Kawartha lakes region can provide some tranquility but has a lot to explore and there are numerous adventures on offer. Sitting or walking in the peace of nature is one of the experience available or one can opt for a hike, cycling, skiing over the 600kms worth of trails. There are also provincial parks, conservation areas and Carden plain which is a high-ranking birding locations.

There are also bowling lanes, museums, country clubs, houseboat rentals, art galleries, conservation areas, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches and golf courses. The lakes also offer fishing of various fish species as there is snowmobiling during winter as well as ATV trail riding in the summer. For those who love food there are many culinary delights on offer at the various restaurants and cafes and more inns, hotels, cottages as well as bed and breakfasts to rest.


Kawartha was coined in 1985 by an Aboriginal called Martha Whetung meaning land of reflections (as Kawatha) but later changed to Kawartha to mean bright waters and happy lands. Before it became a city, it was known as Victoria County but changed names when it became a city in 2001. All constituent municipalities were amalgamated despite resident disapprovals into the City of Kawartha Lakes and de-amalgamation efforts have so far not borne fruit.

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