The town of Innisfil is situated on the western shore of Lake Simcoe in Simcoe County. Living up to its name's Irish origins of "Inis Fáil", which is an ancient mythological name for Ireland, Innisfil is made up of many scenic wooded and waterfront areas along Lake Simcoe.
Originally a largely rural area, Innisfil has been growing steadily with an increase in new residential development. The town’s location just south of Barrie and only forty-five minutes north of Toronto and makes it a very desirable location to live. With access to Lake Simcoe and the area's many natural beauties, there is always many outdoor activities available, hiking, cycling, swimming and more.
Houses in the area range from winterized cottages on the waterfront to newer developments that feature larger detached homes, and townhomes. Innisfil is a great place to find waterfront cottage-style living while still being close to major urban area.

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Innisfil Waterfront

Innisfil's location along the western shore of Lake Simcoe provide many beautiful beaches and parks. The sixty-two acre Innisfil Beach Park features a beach, swimming, boating and fishing as well as winter recreation such as fishing huts that means there's something available in any season. Public boat launches as well as many marinas along the waterfront make for an ideal area for any boating activities.


Innisfil has an extensive recreation program. It is a well-organized program that offers plenty of classes for all ages from pre-school to senior. There are sports classes, fitness classes, music and arts classes, and much more. Kids can find almost any activity to suit their interests. There is also a special program for those over 55 years of age to take part in. It offers special fitness programs geared specifically to seniors.

Innisfil also has plenty of parks to choose from. If you are into the outdoors and even boating and other water sports you should visit Beach Park.

Innisfil is an active and vibrant community. It offers a close-knit feel and allows you develop close connections with your neighbours. Innisfil is the perfect place to live, work and play.


The history of Innisfil spans a period of over 170 years. The town was formed from virgin forests, which had been home to the Huron Indians. The industry in the area included a sawmill, which was built in 1829.

The land in the area was eventually cleared to make way for farms to be developed, and as the area needed to be built-up by those that settled there, roads were built opening up to the area..

While the area has historically been agricultural, growth and development in the Barrie and Toronto areas has meant greater residential development in Innisfil.

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